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What Are Clusters?

Our Brunch/Foodie Cluster

Are you looking to connect with other sisters with similar interests? Or maybe you've been wanting a neighborhood buddy to check out that new restaurant down the street. We've revamped Chi O Clusters to better fit the interests and engagement of our members, and we'd love your input!


The way it will work is, every quarter, exec will send out a survey to gauge the current interests of members. This survey will ask questions about which clusters you would like to be involved in, and then a communication channel will be set up for each cluster so the groups can plan more informal programming for themselves (i.e. a movie night at your local park or a Broadway show for those interested in going to Broadway). This takes the pressure off of one person to plan everything and allows members to be involved in planning fun events without formally having to be on the board. Once you have a cluster, feel free to be as involved as you like - and also feel free to join/leave/switch Clusters as your interests change! We hope you all like this new format, and we welcome any and all feedback you may have. 


Our Trivia Cluster

Our Current Clusters: 






Wine Tasting






Sports Watching






Classic Chi O's

Interested in joining one of the Clusters?

Let us know at:

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